Recap of the 2023 Oscars


Mikayla Mahler

On Sunday, March 12, the 95th annual Academy Awards were held.

On Sunday, March 12 the 95th Academy Awards took place. It was held at Dolby Theatres in Los Angeles, California. This year, Jimmy Kimmel, a well known comedian and host of Jimmy Kimmel live, hosted the event. 

The crowd was eager to see all the winners give a speech. (Mikayla Mahler )

There were many groundbreaking awards received. 

“I was most surprised by the best actress award. I thought it was going to go to Cate Blanchett because of her great performance in the movies she was in but it went to an actor in Everything Everyone all at Once,” said Cole Clawson, senior. “The academy seemed to really like the movie ‘Everything Everyone all at Once’ because it won a lot of awards.”

There was a huge live audience this year. (Mikayla Mahler )

The nominations weren’t the only thing that people were interested in this year.

“The outfits at the Oscars this year were better than previous years,” said Hannah Razminia, freshman. “It made the ceremony more interesting.”

Some also believe the academy also recognized actors who haven’t received as much recognition.

“My favorite award was best actor. I thought that Brendan Fraser (The Whale) winning it was pretty cool just because he hasn’t gotten much resignation for his acting before and it was like a comeback,” Clawson said. 

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