Fall wardrobe essentials


Anna Pellegrino

Local stores in town, such as Vintage Charm, offer all the trends for this fall, including colorful sweaters and distressed jeans.

As fall approaches, the clothing style transitions from bright and colorful to more warm and cozy. Trendy fall colors include burgundy, olive, and mustard take over closets. 

Fashion magazines suggest styling yourself with what is currently trending.

Long sweaters

Courtesy of Social Sunday
A grey sweater with ripped jeans is a great casual outfit for weekdays.

You cannot go wrong with the classic sweater and jean look. Adding a sweater can make you feel warm and cozy but also give you a stylish look. Any color sweater will go well with jeans, but to stay in the fall colors, I would recommend a burgundy or mustard colored sweater. 

“I like wearing corduroy fabrics and sweaters and more neutral or orange tones rather than white [during the fall],” said Gaia Quaranta, junior.


Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Wearing denim can put your entire outfit together by making it look more stylish.

Denim is always a great way to be comfortable yet stylish. Many people prefer wearing this for a casual look. Mom jeans are trending right now and give a classic and fun look. These jeans made a comeback from the ’90s because vintage is back.


Courtesy of Amazon
A cardigan adds a classy look to a plain outfit.

Cardigans put a nice twist because they are comfy and add a more stylish look on a plain outfit. The best colors to buy these in would be burgundy, olive, mustard, grey, and white. A plain shirt would look best underneath a cardigan because you don’t want to clash. You can buy this for $21.99 from Amazon

 “I love to wear sweaters and jeans in the fall. Recently I’ve been liking straight cut jeans a lot and sweaters with puffy sleeves,” said Anna Mccleary, junior. 


Courtesy of Amazon
This scarf comes in all colors and you color coordinate based on your entire outfit. A white shirt would perfectly match with this.

A simple scarf can make your outfit stand out and add some personality and touch to your clothing. This accessory adds to your outfit and can give a casual and fun look. The colors to choose are completely up to the person. I personally like a patterned scarf with a plain shirt. For example, an olive-colored scarf with a white t-shirt would be a nice way to mix and match. You can buy this scarf from Amazon for $7.99. 


Courtesy of DSW
Fall shoes are an important part of fashion and add a new look. These shoes come in all colors but black and brown go with everything.

These boots give a bold look that makes you feel and look good. They are comfortable and make you feel confident in what you’re wearing. Many people like wearing these shoes because they’re perfect for gloomy or rainy weather. You can get these shoes from DSW for $59.99.

“I usually wear a statement piece with a jacket and platform shoes and boots,” said Carolyn Saban, junior.

These fall essentials help spice up your wardrobe and make you feel great. It’s an easy and stylish way to transition into autumn.