Scooby’s offers Chicago classics

Scooby’s Red Hots, commonly simplified to just Scooby’s, is a small place easily mistaken as an average hot dog joint in a long array of restaurants on Ogden Ave. But rest assured, it is not.

Five miles from the heart of Hinsdale, Scooby’s is a little bit out of the way for an average Central student, but it’s definitely worth stopping by.  Scooby’s is similar to the familiar downtown hot dog restaurants that have made Chicago so famous.

When walking in, I was hit with the inviting aroma of a greasy kitchen. During this odd half fall half winter stage, they have the place heated up to a comfortable temperature. With Chicago style signs hung all throughout the restaurant, this place feels like a classic downtown hot dog joint.

Their menu provides a variety of options from Italian beef to bratwurst to chicken.  Any other typical Chicago eats were available.  If you’re feeling plain, like me, their hot dogs are as good as any.  They’re nothing very special to rave about but good nonetheless. The dogs were crisp and juicy, and the standard sesame seed bun accomplished the task.

The fries are not overly spiced and come out scorching hot.  They were delicious as far as classic French fries go, being both crispy and greasy.  They were definitely the best part of the meal.

Their soft drink machine is just like any other fast food place, adequate but nothing notable.

The waiting staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was that of a charged Chicago hot dog shack.  Get in quickly, get out faster, and enjoy the unoriginal but tasty, classic Chicagoan fare.