Winter dance fashion review

Turnabout gives girls a chance to dress up in the cold winter season.

Courtesy of Jackie Blake

Turnabout gives girls a chance to dress up in the cold winter season.

Turnabout, or the winter dance, was on Saturday, Feb. 3. The theme was “Dancing in the Moonlight,” popularized by the hashtag “#WeAreGoing.” Turnabout, like homecoming, is a fun chance for girls to go all-out with their hair, makeup, dresses and shoes. Here is how most chose to style themselves for a night “under the stars” and how you can style yourself in the future.

Courtesy of McKenna Hayes
McKenna Hayes, junior, perfectly exemplifies turnabout style next to Ethan Valeo, junior.

The Hair:

There are so many ways you could have done your hair for this dance, and it was so open to interpretation. Many people don’t do anything too crazy, and most just go for a slight change to their hair. For girls with curly hair, they usually straighten it, and for girls with straight hair, they generally add some light curls. After that slight change to their hair, most people either left their hair down or threw it in a half-up, half-down style. I recommend the GHD straightener and curling iron  because it is really high quality and straightens/curls your hair super quickly.

The Makeup:

Since some people don’t wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis, formal dances like this give them a chance to go all-out. People still tend to go natural with their makeup, but some add more than they usually do. The easiest way to do this is to go with a natural and glowy foundation, add a little soft blush and bronzer , go light on the highlighter, and add a bit of eyeliner to make the look a little special. Many people kept their makeup natural this year.

The Outfit:

For this dance in particular, people tend to wear a black dress or just something simple in general.

“Turnabout is so fun because it gives you a chance to go all-out when you normally don’t get to,” said McKenna Hayes, junior.

No matter what you wore this year to the winter dance, always have confidence in yourself because that is what fashion is all about.