Why aren’t there brown outs?


Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Let’s face it, samosas are delicious, so why not have a spirit week that includes a brown out day to honor those who have gifted this yummy food.

From time to time, the school likes to have Spirit weeks, which are great. We have white outs, black outs…but not brown outs. The problem is that we have spirit days to honor the different colors this school has. We have white outs for white people, black outs for black people, and even neon days…for aliens. However, we have never had a day to honor my beautiful caramel skin color: brown.

As a kid, I was always bullied for smelling like curry, having skin color the same as poo, and loving complex math equations a little too much.

Plus signs are hot.

When I grew up, things didn’t get better. I was accused of not being visible when sitting in wooden desks. The only way they could find me was my apparent curry-filled scent. Racism.

And now this. We give rights to white people, to black people, and to aliens that aren’t even people but refuse to give it to the people that gave us samosas. SAMOSAS. They’re delicious. And so are brown people. Brown people also gave us Chipotle, people.

In a society that is more accepting than ever, we must include all colors, not just the ones on a piano keyboard. So, varsity club, plan a brown out in the near future so that kids of all colors can ride on the journey of success.



**Due to the satirical nature of this article, it may be obvious, but white out and black out days have nothing to do with skin color.