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Abby Stockmal

Abby Stockmal, Editor-in-Chief

Abby Stockmal is a senior who, when not scrambling to finish an essay she that she procrastinated, can be found watching reruns of "Friends", making an unnecessary amount of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or taking extra long routes home so she can jam out to one last song in her car. Although people describe her as indecisive, she just attributes this to her curiosity and desire to try new things.  She loves manatees, fall, late-night ice cream runs, traveling, green tea, and mini-golfing (despite the fact that her hand-eye coordination is subpar).  If you ever need someone to lift your spirits through bad puns or stories of social ineptitude, you can contact Abby at

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Students may find themselves choosing songs with a slower beat as winter approaches.

November Playlist

November 20, 2018
In the cafeteria there was a variety of booths all featuring different puzzles students were able to solve.


April 3, 2018
Allie Moreton, junior, has acted and helped direct many school shows such as

Allie Moreton, junior

January 25, 2018
Emma Gordon, sophomore, will be playing the role of Cinderella.

Emma Gordon, sophomore

January 25, 2018
In addition to acting in this year's September Show, junior Tim Moser, seated right, will be acting as Jean-Michel in

Tim Moser, junior

January 25, 2018
In addition to playing Sebastion in

Raunak Malhotra, senior

January 25, 2018
Megan Melia, senior, will be playing the Madame, otherwise known as Cinderella's evil stepmother, in the spring musical.

Megan Melia, senior

January 25, 2018
Chloe Bassett, senior, will be playing Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Chloe Bassett, senior

January 25, 2018
Alex Martin, far left, is seen acting in

Alex Martin, senior

January 25, 2018
Duncan Usher, junior, will be playing Prince Christopher in

Duncan Usher, junior

January 25, 2018
Katie schaber, who played the bride in the September show,

Katie Schaber, senior

January 25, 2018
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Abby Stockmal